Stay Beautiful

Cory's eyes are like a jungleHe smiles, it's like the radioHe whispers songs into my windowIn words nobody knowsThere's pretty girls on every cornerThat watch him as he's walking homeSaying, does he knowWill you ever know
You're beautifulEvery little piece love, don't you knowYou're really gonna be someone, ask anyoneWhen you find everything you looked forI hop your life leads you back to my doorOh but if it don't, stay beautiful
Cory finds another way to beThe highlight of my dayI'm taking pictures in my mindSo I can save them for a rainy dayIt's hard to make conversationWhen he's taking my breath awayI should say, hey by the way
[Repeat Chorus]
If you and I are a storyThat never gets toldIf what you are is a daydreamI'll never get to hold, at least you'll know
[Repeat Chorus]