I'll Light A Candle feat Keith Martin

Agnes Monica - I'll Light A Candle feat Keith Martin
I spend my time todayJust thinking of uMy heart and my mindAre fell when missing u
I can't wait for the momentWhen u finally back in my armsSo for now while u're not aroundThe thought of u keeps me warm
I'm longing for your touchAnd your kisses I really missI hope you come home soonThat until then this is what I do
I'll light a candleTo see when u get homeJust to let u knowThat I'm waiting so long for u to hold meUntil the night u will stay(Stay with me forever)Iíll light a candle in the windowHurry come my way
Just the thought of uGets me through my daysU constantly in my mindAnd never be seen go awayI can feel your touch in my dreamsI dont want to open my eyesJust to know that u're waiting for meMakes me feel warm inside
It's only timeThat keep us apartBut in a momentWe'll be face to faceAnd heart to heart
There's nothingThan even to knowThat u're coming home
Don't u worry girlU wont be alone too longWhen the morning comesAnd I see your faceLying next to meWe will making love foreverDont ever leave