Career Crackin'
oleh: The brandals

Oh mama i'm gona be on the money track
Where every smiling faces are there trying to stab my back
Oh papa I'm gona be with the cursed and damned
Cause I hang my life on the road with a rock n roll band

Get everything that I wanted and needed
Never mind other people's in line
Lose my friends, my time are wasted
But I'll have a drinks cigarettes then i'll be fine
Yes, so much for the futures

I Got dope friend hangers wanna powder my nose
A little bit of yellow pill goin' sraight for overdose
Dandy little boys and girls on drugs
buying dreams and sold their soul to another TV show

I gotta get my ticket for the glamorous train
Nevermind how to use my brain
Drop my dress and be a show stealer
Im gona kill your moral slow

How come nobody's told me about these cash-in greedy worlds before?
How come everyone wanna get higher and taller and get more?
Everybody's sucking up, fucking up, bitchin on little whore!
15 minutes of fame, got yourself to blame, covered all in shame

Set your higher goal in line
Get your fix and decline
Paid the price for your lies, for the future demise
Disillusioned and cried
Sinking and blind till you die!