Ma Homiez
oleh: Scarface

[Verse 1]

(Bring it back)
I bring it back with all my old school game
No matter how you hate the OG you can't change him
See cause to me it's total disrespect
For motherfuckers who done lived in the ghetto
Turn around and talk they shit
And try to downgrade the next dude tryin
To get up out the ghetto like you
But you straight fried him
See now what you niggas need is open eyes
Although you made yourself a couple a million, you keep an open mind
Cause down the stretch, you lose your grips on reality
And he who grips, slip on life fades fatality
I seen the same shit you seen in the 70's
And you can blame shit on me, but nigga never
Beat the flow of a youngster, raised up amongsta
Niggas who ain't bullshit with life, they straight stuck ya
Now how the fuck am I supposed to change
A place that since my mother been born it ain't been known to change
And all my niggas can relate to what I bring to 'em
Instead of turnin my back, I sing to 'em

[Chorus:] X 4
Jockin my homies?
Ride for my homies, think?
Cause I'll die for my homies

[Verse 2]

Dedicated to my homies who been trapped in the jail
Since these other motherfuckers seem to lost they respect
For the place, niggas got game on how to handle these streets
Instead of layin dead, you get knocked down you stand on your feet
If I ain't learn nothing else, I learned to struggle and strive
Cause the ghetto made a man out a nigga, I can't lie
But every black community done seen the same thing
Somebody come up out the hood and make a strange change
Ain't no forgettin where it started for me
The hustle out the hood