Galactic Groove
oleh: Pillar

About my Father up in heaven
Who you know so well
But let me start off by settin'
The record straight from the years past
Lettin' all those people know
That used to poke fun and used to laugh
There's only one reason why we do what we do
That's to serve our God
Let His love shine through
We're here to be bold,
Do what we're told,
Of Him we are a mold
If it's His will keep rockin'
Til we're 101 years old

Not once throughout my years
Will I ever not be the same
I never fell into the trap
Of the whole east coast west coast thing
Cause we're all under the reign of one King
It's time we realize
One thing Jah people all around the world
It's time we all sing
A song of unity cause
That's the way it should be
It's time we come together
So we can let the world see
From the beaches of Cali
To the wheatlands of the plains
His love is yesterday, today, forever the same

Captains Log star date 2003
A Range Rover hovercraft in high pursuit of me
They're all blacked out
With chrome rims and tinted windows
Sending me death threats
With murderous innuendoes
Chase this space renegade with pins and mikes
Brushin' off stardust from galaxies and nebulae
La vida loca translates
To livin' the rap life
And a wrong turn
End a runaway truck can jacknife

Pay attention to the road
As God watches and He files it
Or get grounded like imported coffee
Or bad pilots
I used to think I knew a lot
So on goes the story
I couldn't see decepticons
On the move to transforming
I found the world boring
Wasted time in my exploring
Dug deeper in excavating
Into the glory to glory

Writing the Lordship
Committed to one on one
Solar powered and energetic
While running off the Sun
Big God, third rock
He created all that
Knowdaverbs and Pillar
Qe bound to bless t