Quatum Theory

Vastness calling me.
Opening up and ever
so vulnerable.
This light that now
has came to be.
It awakens me.

I am so very sure,
that I.
Seen this all before.
Now and,
will continue,
to be here remembering
my future, and wondering.
How I ever made it this
far along.

Sleep draws dreams,
and intuition.
Perceptive insight
leading me into

When you die,
You take the
dreams of the
past with you
to experiance
what you had
just before
in a brand
new light
and then
Start it all over again.
and again
and again
and again

I know this for sure.
that I
Been here once before.
Now and,
will continue
to recall all that will
happen in my future.
How could I ever have
made it this far along.

Into time I place,
all my trust that
everything I will
will be, will embrace
this, subtle moment.
Here that now I recall
I exclaim, everything
Will... be.

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