Quantum Mechanics (And Hydrodynamics)
oleh: Chiodos

It's been so long it seems since summer's captivation.
Entranced in nightly dreams, you can't escape these memories.
Reasons turned into excuses, the one's that I abused.
Spinning you round in circles, out of breathe and leaving you confused.
The miles in between us. forcing different worlds apart.
Exposing these lost feelings I know now where you stand.
Now that I see you never really had my heart.
Stop doubting what was said and just know that I am right.
Cause im losing all my strength and I cant take another fight.
If we wait until then we would know that time was on our side.
But you had to act to quick on the feelings you can't hide.
Your voice was broken cracking from the need for air.
The noise that soothes me to sleep.
Your tears came falling, grasping black and writing, my name upon your cheeks.
And as I open this letter, I skim the words bathed in your perfume and they said, "why cant we see forever.
Our differences will bring us together hiding truths that made us unstable now I regret every moment I forgave you".
And that's all I have to remember cause that's all I found

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