oleh: Binary Star

The KGB make this stage twice as dangerous as these streets
Malaki and Binary form all these spontaneous beats
Formed the lyrically elite, piece to the conquistador beats
When we unsheathe the swords and the One Man Army brings beats to boards
We tell you angrious beats, defy your atheist beliefs
Malaki could get a crowd of paraplegics outta their seats
When I strangle the mic, I mangle your ass slow and painfully
Be thankful you still alive
while the faithfully by the frames catch records eye
You choose to dangerously tangle with me
You can hang out make Jack the Ripper look like your guardian angel anger me
I give you enough light cable to hang yourself
Place your name on the waitin list for hell
With the rest of the cel gangsters
and gashes on your back with the lashes with the mic cord
Warlords, storm stages making light by bombs
and all em dogs ?? meet my demands
Or you’ll have the Michigan mic masses on your hands

[Senim Silla]
Bio-hazardous agent on Sillas airborne
Infectuous rhyme lectures spit quick and effective
Dangerous, lethal languages of slang I kill
Murder he wrote, an assassin would remain my skill
Senims a rough son of a gun keep razors under my tongue
Strike with enough force to puncture a lung
Im lyrically harmful, literally speaking
Emcees Im proud beatin, demeanin and ill treatin
Get introduced to mines and meet your demise
I despise rap guys and all they whack ties
Cause in my eyes, all men are not considered equal
Especially if you ain’t one of Binary’s people

I’m what you asking for
I’ll give you that plus a classic more
Hand delivery, verbal total package raw
The mental matador
Mic heavyweights to shake the planet core
With one verse
Got you thinking, ‘Yo cancel the war’
You flirtin’ with death
Better off dancing with wolves
Stabbin’ yourself in your vocal chords with cancerous swords
After this track, I hit the streets recruiting new thugs

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