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  • Come Come (Feat. Rokamouth, Dirty Sanchez & Jakk The Rhymer)

    Yo the first born son was a burnt lit star
    Certain sounds could just touch my heart
    Working hard, and my team still starve
    Outchea, for us they pulling new cars on these old rap farts
    Top the fools, i'm off these charts
    I said, switching pronto, no need to front ho
    Used to look at him like that's my uncle
    Now it's a shame that I got to hunt you
    Bangin' on my own beats, won't need Russell
    Young nigga, Running up, snatch and hustle
    It's a BK nigga, bouta strap the muscle
    If your raps are wack and you lack the bundle
    Cause I do it all, young enough to live and see old kings fall
    Old enough to keep my force still strong
    Throwing the track like a cannon ball
    Through your walls, you're gonna hear my call
    Certified til I die I'm raw
    If I hit the stu, and come back with mo'
    I put it in the stores', Platinum fo' sho'
    And spend it all on dro like I've done before
    If a trap star could, let a trap star grow
    I'll flip my dough because that's all I know
    24/7 and never ends all ho
    .44 let my lungs feel smoke
    And I've kept it trill cause that's all we know
    That's 47 goonz, made that track with smoke
    Niggas on my throats, shooting shows on tours
    Leave it to my pros and my young bro Joe
    Cause it's not his fault, they putting styles on halt
    And my other side glides each line I float
    See my mind in my rhymes on boss
    Rap rebels of a walking line
    They marching even on the front line
    When the time comes
    Roka keep it loaded if know you better wanna run
    [?] Hanging off the tongue, stay spitting hot bullets
    Now my whole verse done
    Come, Come

    Come, Come Now
    Who's number one now?
    Thought it was a joke
    'Til the numbers starting showing up

    Dirty want his money right now
    And his credit
    I deserve my respect for this shit that I imbedded
    I am better than them niggas who pretended that they them niggas
    Who be lying to them niggas who be buying they shit so
    Fuck the government word to my brother man
    From the 5th Flo'
    Won't get fed if your mouth is closed
    That's something he told me
    The 47 Og's running it low key
    I'm still Dirty and I'm still 7:30
    My vision is still blurry so picture perfect ain't really certain
    Blind bitch baby, does the cover match them curtains?
    Still couldn't block my shine
    Chakras divrine like 33rd degree
    Fresh 47 embroidery
    Pro Era property, no loitering
    Can't say my whole team eating yet
    But I'm cooking up a mess
    Where syringes were pressed: dirty kitchen
    I'm spillin' all my kids on her dress, Started living what I'm thinking
    Decider, we next stop
    Stop and then frisk
    Slaughtering pigs anybody can get it
    Shooting stars, now make a wish
    Rocking skins like the skins we rocking
    Powerpuff smoking on that blossom
    We're running the game and this shit is exhausting
    But I don't give a fuck cause this shit is awesome

    I'm from the Era, where we never show weak niggas love
    They phonies, me and the homies holding it up
    My only place first shorty never lost
    Off the bus in New York, trying to record
    Man, you're favorite rapper down the side
    Recognize, they don't play with eyes
    They an optical allusion like Optimus Prime
    Break a rhyme down in the summertime
    If I don't separate you and me
    I'm acknowledging your truancy
    Move like rocket ships, who are we?
    Move and sing, Word to my higher Buddha
    Seeing through the eyes of Judah
    I annihilate a loser
    The crown jeweler, Boundary of a Goddess
    Not a façade, the Brooklyn niggas is on
    Demanding in large, we the men in charge
    No progress, it's the Progress
    Start spreading love, Gospel
    Demanding in large, we the men in charge
    No progress, it's the Progress
    Start spreading love
  • Hail Razor (Feat. Aaron Rose, Dessy Hinds & CJ Fly)

    I'm running with some of the illest flows
    Pro Era bringing the ruckus, we killed them all
    Brawl or fall, keeping this shit above it
    I buzz like a bumble, drop jaws whenever I rumble
    You said you write rhymes, but it sound like you got carpal tunnel
    Or arthritis, I might just all night this
    This priceless so how you gon' change overnight, kid?
    My style all wild, chapow, you floored now
    Jump out and stake in my waters until you all drown
    Revealing you all now, fake cats get put to sleep
    The young vet, we hold the minds that you perceive
    I bump shit from Long Beach, I call it treason
    My nigga I'll take your soul, kick your shit for no reason
    You fools doo-doo, better off being neutral
    Cause I go cuckoo, the serial and then I nuke you
    Sexy bitch, the kamasutru', I make them useful
    Shorties tried to lock me down, but that's that shit I'm used to
    This shit is crucial, fuck Facebook, our friends ain't mutual
    I won't remove you, I'll just let the karma shoot you
    This what the brew do, 40 ounce, I'm fucking with sours
    You niggas cowards, softer than towels, the world is ours

    Check the verbal attack, it's early in the rap
    To leave you in a surgical strap
    Then get your verse dispursed with a thirst for snipping raps
    All killers scrap with a thriller latch
    You got a sick beat? My heartbeat sicker, call it a iller batch
    They think the RZA's back or the GZA's back or the Jigga's back
    Nah sorry to disappoint it's just this nigga killing tracks
    With no complications from this skilled content playing
    Leave you contemplating from the combinations of your compilations
    And I never fathom just get at 'em with every last atom
    Subtract then add em to the battle list
    That can't scrap with some animals
    Stay with the antidote for those that always have MC fear
    For you know the regular Beast Coast
    But the coast gonna never be clear
    He'll always kill the style because it don't get better by each year
    Each other minute a missing life just becomes a leap year
    Cause after life it's known we coming after life
    Niggas couldn't see him after life
    With half the mics he killed in the after life
    Could you pass the mic for the train of thoughts of assasin knights?
    A shot at every verse with the IllMinded is the one you have to snipe.(Nigga)..
    Ughh...What y'all really want?

    Ain't ever meet someone iller, then some meat with salmonella
    We go in with the flow like salmon in the river
    Made so many hits, no catch 22
    Gotta drive to get the cake you old bats better batter up too
    We got the mitts to beat you
    Go ahead or go long
    It's me who ya' killin'
    I'm always feeling her up
    Love letting me hold the cups, shit get frisky
    Up for grabs like ooooo I hear the liquid cat's fishy
    We'll just wait till this dogs finish his swimming
    Catch it when we catch it threw it at me, a conflict in the kitchen
    Palms of fingers itching
    Figured out if I'm killing 'em then that's gon make me richer
    This money ain't a joke I won't play dumb so I won't get it
    A instrumental tempo strings to make it come to spin it
    The truth I bent it, the rules I bend it
    Taking selfies with fans, we 'pendent
    Steal your girl, my crew's some fuckin' bandits
    Could you imagine in a year I don't have my fucking pendant?

    Sharp off the tongue like the blade of a razor
    Never takin' orders like a goddamn waiter
    Reppin' New York like my name Walt Frazier
    Man, my mom a angel but I been a hell raiser
  • Overseas (Feat. Joey Bada$$ & CJ Fly)

    Overseas chicken, please I over see these chickens
    As I squeeze swishers... as I switch positions

    Heard you trying to get worked tonight, but you got work tonight
    That same excuse won't work tonight
    Shit is on you I ain't tripping
    You know where I be hidden at, the tipton still tipping
    Rippin these bongs, shit is written in these songs
    I'm dripping sweet charm, sweetheart, just know it
    Won't be no restart when I depart these parts, so dont blow it
    Plus how you talk the talk and won't show it, (FRUNCHIN!!)
    It's cool, I shouldn't even be gettin myself into you
    I should get myself in the mood for these interviews (cancel that)
    Well, it's whatever doe hit the jack
    Worst scenario hit the Twitter I'm following back
    And in a matter of facts, perhaps she came back cause I'm runnin these tracks
    She like you sayin if you wasn't the Usain of rap
    Than I wouldn't put the key into my ac' that fast
    I'm like, I ain't even act that fast, put my hands where them titties is
    You didn't even act fastidious, no serious
    Niggas dont know about this phat sidity shit
    Let me tell you what it really is

    Naw, lemme tell you what is really was, it was like uh
    30 sumchins in a hotel overseas, ya know, fly shit

    I'm a stand up guy, could you tell by my stance
    Still down to earth, like a meteorite crash
    Was never really into luck so this might just be my chance
    I might die this time if we let this pass
    I just can't one glance we get close, I see more than the pans
    Curve every player trying to hit what I pitch her in a flash
    Hold it, beauty is what you possess, when you hitting em poses
    You be gettin me focused, won't give you props than it ain't reel
    Ain't have it we wanted power so we made millls
    Hard work, tell me how selling cane fields
    This my shot, thats why I'm glad you stayed still
    Was just tryna be down, but still living it up
    Being super supercilious, how silly of us
    Tell em don't mind us, cause her butt made a plush
    And I told her she could be blunt, while I get in her guts

    Got me like O damn, let me let you know what I was hoping
    Other niggas mad cause they just hopeless
    Me and you could smoke up on some potent
    To get you open, would you promote in
    And you and I could listen to some slow jams
    Not a little boy, I'm a grown man
    Hope you know that your were really chosen
    I'm living golden

    Overseas chicken, please I over see these chickens
    As I squeeze swishers, (Beastcoast) as I switch positions (Flatbush)
  • Wrecord Out (Feat. Ritty, Nyck Caution, Joey Bada$$ & CJ Fly)

    Pro Era, Flatbush, Danger Zone
    Ha ha
    Are y'all ready for this Danger Zone shit we about to drop
    2013, 2014 bitches
    Yeah, let's do it

    Assume your own priorities
    You Dorothy's are never going home, blowing O's, holding grips
    I'm the shit, swank is on the overload
    Rocking like a rolling stone, rolling stoned, racing through the Poconos
    Hallelujah, Amen to you churchy women
    I'm on my urban liven, smoking herb, and sherm up with it
    Who thought, spiting rhymes would get me noticed, but it's
    2pac was the one that showed me focus
    And I never said that I could change the world myself
    But if unite as possible, then we can flip an obstacle
    Hand gestures, gangland ventures
    Drowning in this slick, I hope you can stand pressure
    High blood in a cut, 47 floors up
    Engine is a buck, hope you revving yours
    I'm important, omnipotent, God
    Wizard of Oz just living in charge, it's like

    It's the Pro Era movement, name a chick who ain't with it
    The biggest bigots biggin' up the illest by just listening
    I'm lane switching, while my main bitch tripping
    Y'all ain't seeing me, cause I just got this tint
    Emails get filled up, their egos get bigger
    Hotels wanna bill us but we blame it on the dealer
    For filling our rooms with the fumes we consume
    She, gon' let me screw it, you know how I do
    See Fly don't take a chicks from the nest of the coop
    They're feeling loose like they stepped in my shoes
    Ain't thinking nets and the hoops
    Anytime I say I'm tempted to shoot
    Put nothing, but hands on you, fools, like I'm just a masseuse
    Soon as I step in the booth I be calling the shots
    Getting nothing but visits like I harbored a dock
    I'm unraveling knots like the man in the spot
    This one for all my minors that be handling rock

    I emerge with that, philosophical, spit it hotter than a tropical
    Climates, y'all a bunch of primates who ain't climbing
    Beware of the rhyming redesigning
    Combining gorilla with lion, ain't lying
    You can't define them, he's a star aligning
    And the shining has been past timing, so times in
    I take this time out to write just how I feel
    Let the pencil spill then I lyrikill, it gets critical
    Y'all don't deserve my shit, give y'all the pee pee
    Bitches on my WeeWee can't see me with 3D
    On the same level as ET, why y'all make it so easy?
    I'm just a snack rapper, getting greedy
    I'd destroy your whole album with a EP
    Like really? I don't even a write, I do it freely
    And don't let the age fool you, cause you doodoo
    I got your doll to do what I want like it's voodoo
Peta Situs