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    Tanpamu tiada berarti
    Tak mampu lagi berdiri
    Cahaya kasihmu menuntunku
    Kembali dalam dekapan tanganmu
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  • Slow Down Time (Feat. Dessy Hinds & T'nah Apex)

    So, what type of women would it take?
    A very, very, very strong women
    And, one who was more in love with me, than i was
    Because i have to be more in love with her, than she is
    And that's what it is, and every time i fall in love in with a woman
    I dont fall in love with the woman she is
    I fall in the love with the woman she could be
    I haven't found a woman, yet
    That fit's up to my standards (okay)
    And I'm sure i dont fit up to anybody's standard

    But I haven't found one yet, but I've found one's that i think
    That have the potential to be rawest woman in the world
    Ya' know what I am? I feel like it's natural
    For a man, especially being black to feel like he's a king
    And he's looking for his queen, and that's where I'm at right now

    Starring at blue sky's, I remember your blue eyes
    Kick it wit'chu, it don't matter what's you shoe size
    I'm crazy 'bout you, but you still keep me sane
    I'm saying beauty and brains go well with your name
    When we first met, I still remember the day
    Don't trip, let's take a trip down memory lane
    I know you're mine, 'cause our soul's are entwined
    I know we're young, but girl you are the one
    My love for you, what I could never deny
    Everything is great and only getting better with time
    If I stole your heart, they'd probably give me federal time
    What we both have is ours, but the pleasure is mine

    There's something that ain't hard to see
    Give you my heart, blood, veins and my arteries
    You're my world, but you won't learn that in geology
    I can tell your my philosophy, girl I can be your Socrates

    Every time I think about you
    I can't get you off my mind
    Anytime i get around you
    I wish we could slow down time

    Time couldn't proceed without me having that dream girl
    Sometime's the way you think it's real is in a dream girl
    It is what it seems, I'm making it true
    But the only way it seems like making it, is if it's with you
    I grab my, pen and my pad, write feeling I ain't know I had
    Simplicity beauty is something you never know you have
    So I noticed that, but still you gotta know the fact's
    And know it ain't fo' show, but if it is I'm the opening act
    I turn the mack on, so vigorous with the rap songs
    If your voice was a beat it would be something I would rap on
    And really add on, my impeccable lines of elements
    And every record I make replace's lame compliments
    The confidence would never condescend, the astonishment
    You the bad one, and I'm the one you wanna punishment
    For you it's like I'm punishing for publishing 'til tip-top
    It's Dessy, now this is what you call real love and Hip-Hop

    Every time I think about you
    I can't get you off my mind
    Anytime i get around you
    I wish we could slow down time
  • Flyin' Lo (Feat. Capital STEEZ & T'nah Apex)

    There are times when you need someone
    There will be times when you fly the skies to find (that one...)
    Your time will soon some

    And that'll be great
    If you could relate
    That'll be great
    If you could relate

    You're beautiful, minus the cutest clothes
    May I interest you with more than the usual?
    Put on the dress and heels, I'll wear something suitable
    I gotta drive to make this work, cruise control
    You're my everything, I put that on everything
    Some will cross the Seven Seas to give you a wedding ring
    Say our I Do's to the reverend
    Get a dub while your house gets settled in
    From then on I just hope that it never ends
    I love you kind of rough for a gentleman
    You're magnificent, still transitioning
    Not into the simple things, something like a simpletons
    And invest me cause I'm someone you'll gain interest in
    With that said, I'm interesting
    Don't give me no bits and pieces, give me all
    I'm outgoing but expecting the incoming call from you

    Look, I tried it once and noticed you hurt me
    But I'mma make it to ya heart, slowly but surely
    Your hair's curly and your tone is perfect
    There's much more in store, I'm just hoping you're worth it
    You're courteous and your curviness compliments your fitted dress
    The type of woman that I'd never think to disrespect
    Unless you wouldn't mind a hickey on your neck as we pass those beginning steps
    It's one of those.. Chill kind of friendships
    That shouldn't change shit if we french kiss
    You can wear a French maid costume if you're truly interested
    But you gotta save room for the mistress
    Why you stressing miss?
    You should know when I'm kidding but I'm saying let's spread some intention
    And as a man I can't help to mention, this is more than just sexual tension
    I got a Love Jones
    (I got a Love Jones, I got a Love Jones, I got a Love Jones...)
Peta Situs