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Lirik Lagu Move Bitch - Youngbloodz




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Here we come - here we come hoe - here we comeHere we come hoe - here we come - here we come hoe - here we comeHere we come hoe - here we come - here we come hoe - here we comeHere we come hoe - here we come - here we come hoe - here we come
[Hook] - 2x'sMove bitch, get out the way hoeFuck that shit, get out the way hoeMove bitch, get out the way hoeFuck that shit, get out the way hoe
[Lord Infamous]Nigga Three Six Mafia burn inside the southern territorialLeavin' a memorial page in editorialWhen ? watch yo back go front ????? ScarecrowLeave 'em stiff and froze my foes and hit 'em like Rose in China snowWanna see the costs of the bosses comin' to toss itAin't no losses, ain't no crosses, leave you dead in a closetFamily recked from yo death-death, from yo early deathPackin' some in jars, sendin' two off for the chefCause I melt them with medicineI'm perscription called death when ?
[J-Bo]Oh there she go, old triflin' bitchStraight take a hoe nigga, always out to lickAnd when shit is gettin' thickOut the door she splitShe straight slickBut I'm slicker than that bitch gon' getSo now move bitch, get out the way hoe and lay lowSo say hoe, you just another stank hoeTrickin' on the dance flo'Lookin' kinda slutty thoughI'm all about my money hoe when I bump on yo stereoAnd everywhere I go, it's the same old shitJumpin' drawz just like a broad, so bitch fuck this now
[Sean Paul]They know me from my Lac's and my creases, I'm Sean Paul (Sean Paul)Slap the fuck out of each and all y'all (all y'all)I done seen niggaz fall, I done seen niggaz ballI done seen big girls shake with lil' bitty drawz (bitty drawz)And uh, the other day this bitch got smacked in the jaw (in the jaw)I done seen a whole lot, niggaz ain't seen what I saw (yeah)I'm in it too deep, I could never come flaw (come flaw)If ya talkin' bout that pistol my nigga you better drawOkay, always sayin' shit that I meanPelle Pelle, A-Town nigga gotta come clean
[Gangsta Boo]What's up motherfucka what's upTime to get real crunk, time to tear the club upAll these sissy ass hoes talkin' shit about this ladyWhy you tryin' to doubt me babyI'm the shit, you can't fade meNow look what done happened, we done hooked up with Eastside BoyzBringin' noiseMakin' moves like the fuckin' U-Haul boysGangsta Boo be groovin' always choosin', what's up with you niggaGangsta Boo be makin' nothin' but hits increase to bigger figuresNigga don't play with the muthafuckin' don't play ladyOn the way, God damn what you bitches sayNigga
[Lil' Jon]Ah, Ah, Ahhhh-ha-ha-haWe comin' through like the Rock bitchKnock you out yo motherfuckin' socks bitchDroppin' bows like nothin' wrong bitchBitch I'll break yo motherfuckin' nose bitchDidn't we tell yo ass to move bitchNow yo head busted ? two fuckin' bricksSo get yo fire and dip hoeCause a nigga gone off that QuevoWhy you still runnin' yo mouth bitchYou must've not known who you fuckin' withWe'll leave you dead in a fuckin' ditchCause we runnin' with the Three Triple SixAnd them guns for them young hoesWe'll leave ya firm like a dildoAll my niggaz doin' Fed timeWe'll leave yo belly filled with that iron
Hook 2x's
[Juicy J]I'm lookin' for them big buttsNothin but them quick slutsSomething kinda freaky like skinny hoe givin' upMaybe a nigga'll take the campProbably let her ride my lapMade playaz from the Memphis Tenn, bitch I'm on the mapI'm the kinda nigga bro' push a 450 hoeDown the strip, Hennessy I sip on the low-lowHit me on my ? hornCan record, make a porn movieDon't be choosy with this nigga JuicyReady to?
[Chyna Whyte]What y'all know to be part of thisYou gotta be on some heartless shitAnd whether it's legal or dirty, I'ma ball regardless trickAnd I don't give a fuck if you the tallest or the smallest bitchDon't none of you hoes know about this order shitChyna Whyte I live that street lifeAnd I ain't gon' be happy till I got my momma eatin' rightStill the one to grip that motherfuckin' heater tightAnd I'm still tryin' to find a motherfuckin' key to lifeYa heard me
Hook 2x's
[DJ Paul]I might not be the freshest nigga up in the clubBut shoulda seen when I walked in the hoes said "What the fuck"They saw me VIP in the VIP y'allWith these Rollies and the ? they be wonderin' "Who are y'all"We be steppin' no less than 30 deep and thinkin' we some starsMy enterage spendin' no less than 80 G's on they carsIf I took you to my crib you probably wouldn't believe or think I'm liein'Check my soundscan hoe, if I'm liein' or dyin'