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Lirik Lagu Down Heya (In The South) - Youngbloodz




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hookAnd thats how we keep it crunk, from the club to the streetsTo the two door Capri, crunk out with the beatWe shakin' hoes off, cut em' up like a slabThen hit the studio and take it back to the lab
If 5 on 2, shit its all good, we ride through the hoodIn the Delta 88', with that Georgia license plateThese niggas don't knowThey don't even wanna show no love to a a nigga like meSo I just stay on the grind, stay down for mineTrying to get mine in dailyHolla' at me like you know your fo', chiefing on that green greenNever snort a lot of coke, stayed down with the home teamKnow what I mean? Some shit have a nigga stressed outMake him small fastBout' 175 will quit to open that cannon and woop your assBut ya' wait, get a bat face on the one-time while these hoesChoose on the Attic Crew, my girl already been choseThese stankin' bitches get your boy caught up in that fuck shitI know they suckin dick, but they thanking the game I spitI put they ass in a rap and ride out on them hoesGet wit' my slick partna' then hit the studio
Now see I jumps up, without a doubtNot a question being asked as you dash, with no way outThrough the whirl-wind I spin, intruders, we break em' in.Atlanta Georgia, we comin' for ya' with 50 menIn sets of 10, no sippin' gin, we steppin' inIts the Attic Crew, no flaw withinWe them Youngbloodz wit' plenty kinNo ifs, no ands, no buts, no grinsWe after you, so what you do is count to three, then click your shoesThen out the door, back to your hoe, down on the low, straight toe to toeCause J-Bo is who I be, won't fuck with you, don't fuck with meSo can't you see through the enemiesYou'd besta be all you can fucking beStay sucker free, but first get some nutsBefore you fuck around and bite the dustNow nigga what, so what you got now if you ride out on them ?cruts'?hook
A day late and a dolla' shortOn the cat walk, winding, tryin' to get meat22 tryin' to see 23, shawty ?three U double T's?What it ain't gonna be, what it isOver years I been scratching and scrapingStill ain't came up with nay-thin', let everybody get they time to shineStill waitin' on mine, ???In the meantime tryin' to find a loopholeGod knows where the next one, for deadGot bust in the neck, nigga cryin', but the grind don't stopLike time don't stop, like a nigga who drop??? casket, cover it up and ride out, ain't got nothin' to be smiling bout'Only bit ?fake chasers? I'm tryin' to wasteGotta keep on stackin', gotta keep on packin'Slackin' gonna get me hemmed up, posted up in the storeWith the blow, don't show no flowAs long as though, see hit the gas flowGotta play it smart, gotta take it to the heartFuckin' around, gonna get you fucked up?4:30, the hill, law gone?
Always underestimated, great don't gives a fuck, don't make mistakesShake em' off gonna get it crunk before this thang get too lateHold up, wait, my homeboys straight, don't make me go upside your headDrag your ass across the club, heard what I fuckin' said?We ain't scared, prepared to take this thang to the streetsCapric-e and Fleetwood ride good Vouges with the beatYou might no understand a damn thang that I speakI'm slizzard as hell, might stomp your punk ass to sleepAnd when this thang get crunk, I pack it up and take it to the labHit that gentlemens club, and grab a couple of hoes off on the assLaugh if you will, thank its funny but it ain'tWhat the fuck you gonna do, when they hit you, stick you for your bank>From the freeze-tag to the Fleetwoods, from the two door to the four doorWho got the leather, who got the cloth, who got the VouguesWith all the hoes, who got the gold, who got that grainWho got the green, who got the chains, who got the bitchI got the Fleetwood, girls most likely to complainSee somethangs can't be explained, how we really do this manHit the lab, make it talk, now you here me once againHave you jumpin' and shakin', like you off in that blue flameWhats really going on holmes, can you really tell me man