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Lirik Lagu M.E.M.P.H.I.S. (Remix) - Three 6 Mafia




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[DJ Paul]Finally, I got all real niggaz on on a muthafuckin' Posse songNiggaz that's down to cut some muthafuckin' heads(Mafia, ya, y-ya, y-ya, ya, ya)From hear to ATL, to Nashville, back to the M-town niggaAnd you know what that mean bitchMakin' easy money, pimpin' hoes is serious bitchMakin' easy money, pimpin' hoes is serious nigga
[Project Pat]Call a nigga, drug dealer, out here on the track niggaWeed smoker, coke snorter, come and get a pack niggaCane slanger, bitch banger, dog I'll bring it to yaIf you got a problem with me, holla at my LugaDro puffer, cheese come up, when we on the track jackHit you in the head, with the gat, 'til your skull crackBlood gushin', head rushin', act first, no discussionCome with that bullshit, then the bullets start bustin'
[Lord Infamous]First crime, we came with Mystic Stylez on grimeYou slip, I Live By My Rep don't fuck with mineDa End, the souls of men embedded inside the PosseThe Prophet, the Posse, we all collideWe brutal, the Chapter 2 to end the phase, our mindIn crime, reminds, CrazedNLazDayzHypno-tize, and blazed another gold plateSixty 6, sixty 1, The Smoke Clears, evaporate
[Juicy J]I got a 357, a tec with a black clipA 180 pounds witha fist that will bust lipsSome killaz on my side, if I tell 'em they gon' getA fool violatin' the business, I ain't wit'And now in 2000 you talkin' the same shitAnd now in 2000 I'll bust and I won't missThe smoke is in the air the liquor is still a fifthThe grill is still gold, and the curls they know kick, fool
Mafia, ya, y-ya, y-ya, ya, yaMafia, ya, y-ya, y-ya, ya, yaMafia, ya, y-ya, y-ya, ya, yaMafia, ya, y-ya, y-ya, ya, yaMafia, ya, y-ya, y-ya, ya, yaMafia, ya, y-ya, y-ya, ya, yaMafia, ya, y-ya, y-ya, ya, yaMafia, ya, y-ya, y-ya, ya, ya
[Cruchy Black]You can believe this, you can believe thatAnd believe I got a baseball bat, and I'm bustin' your head blackYou believe I'm comin' strong, you believe I'm all grownYou believe, that nigga, I love to get it onYou half steppin'I got the weaponBoom! Boom!I'm blastin' at your mind to get you believe thatI love to kill, I love the thrillAnd I love to put a nigga body parts in the field, nigga
[La Chat]No no, come, come and get this bitch, ain't got no time fo no shitGot all my boys, don't make no noise,just throw that trick in the ditchIt ain't no way La Chat gon' let it slide, with the shit that you doneI got my piece for what I do, to show you who the fuck number oneI shot that bitch without causes, ain't got no love in my heartIt ain't no way that I can't handle, keep that tone in my jawThis ain't no crap, I speak the truth, gotta come too thick to get meOn one of you hoes, before you come, La Chat ain't gone easy
[Koopsta Knicca:]Man a bitch'll take that lil bit out her pussy for them papersGet the fuck away from me ho because the crew can't stand them vaporsTake her, break her, to whip that funky bitchTalkin' that shit about this man you'll get 10 slugs up in your arm pitsYeah we can do i,t take your time and do it rightYou can gimme the fuckin' chewin', I can fuck you all nightWanna fight about your friends see how them bitches gon' startSee now that's that type of shit that get my muh'fuckin' dick hard
[T-Rock]Capital Mack-11's, and load 'em full of ammunitionTerrorist sect's, we pull and lock'em in the ExpeditionNo set a niggaz got guns equivalent to what we packNuclear pistols and fire scorchin' automatic gatsHow in the fuck can you handle the, busta damagerToss that bitch over the banaster, like trash canistersHollow points into your battle troops, when I have to shootPlus I'll be storin' the cap for you, and trick be absolute
[MC Mack]I woke up early Saturday morning,suddenly your phone was ringin' off the chargerThinkin' to myself, man, is it a bitch or cop, or is it them robbersGot MC Mack of in a scheme, I'm stainin' for my dividendsAnd pay a livin', neh nigga,gon' bother my cheese gon' reach the ceiling fanYou can catch my in that president thing, on gizold when you see meYou can joke me, ever rope me, best believe your bleed this evenin'Fuck the reason, and the treason,time to get dirty nigga better I'll pop itYou was gaspin' for your life, but all I heard was Killa Klan Kaze
[DJ Paul]Bitches think we playin', think this killa shit a jokeDon't fuck around with HCP and get you ass smoked, hoComin' with some fully auto's, fuck some semi'sHit 'em with some hollow auto's, cause I desp-iz-iseBlastin' like some rondo batays, for you miataysKoop with double clicks and duck tape, and wicked wizaysAnd I, perferin' keepin' busin' in my freak timeTaught 'em in that buried unknown, they wanna reap whyGive you second thoughts about that businness, you then finished rightTake you to the vault, cash it in, all night flightAnd I'm in a bad mood, cocaine make it thatPlus, I gotta ease on this nine-milly, willy, nigga I slang with thatBitch, nigga, it's CP nigga HCP, Hypnotize Camp Posse niggaWhat, what, it's CP nigga HCP, Hypnotize Camp Posse niggaIt's CP nigga it's CP nigga HCP, Hypnotize Camp Posse niggaIt's CP nigga it's CP nigga HCP, Hypnotize Camp Posse nigga