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Lirik Lagu Sa Prize (part 2) -- [Fuck the Police, part 2] - NWA




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Fuck the police!Fuck, fuck, fuck the police![Fuck them motherfuckers!]Fuck, fuck, fuck the police![Get paid back] You're motherfucking right, yo
Verse One: Dr. Dre
Fuck the motherfucking police!They don't want peace, they want a nigga deceasedSo he'll cease to be a problem, and by the way the performIt seems the Klan gave the white police another uniformAnd yo the black police, the house niggazThey gave you a motherfucking gun, so I guess you figureyou made out, good to go, but you didn't knowThey would stick your black ass back in the ghetto, yoTo kill another nigga, catch him with crack, in factFreebase - they put in the neighborhood in the first placeBut the brothers ain't stupid, remember thatYou got a gat, I got a gat, so whassup with thatA to the motherfuckin KThe last words you hear, then the smoke appearsTears, from your motherfuckin familyThey're starin at me, but I'm goin gun happy, fuck em!Shootin everything in sight tonight's the night to get hypedand fight for what's wrong, fuck what's right!And by the way, my name is DreSo listen up motherfucker to what I gotta say, yo
Fuck the police!Fuck, fuck, fuck the policeFuckFuck, fuck, fuck the police[Now for the first episode]
Episode One:
Yeah that shit's hittin man, where the volume at?Hold-up, hold-up, hold-up, one-time, one-time, one-timePut the joint out!Put the joint out!Hey you motherfuckers want to step out of the car?Don't you know it's against the law to play music so god damn loud?Shutthe fuck up!Go to jail?Gimme that shit you was just smoking
Motherfuckers from high crime areas view the police as a threatAnd that's some shit you betta not forget
Verse Two: Eazy-E
Eazy E's the name feared by mostWhen, a lil nigga is thrown in the penBut on the streets there's two kinds of peopleWhite rich fucks and the ones who get harassed like mePull over to the side, routine for meTearin up my shit, like they lookin for a key of cocaineBut they never find the shitAin't got nuttin better to do and nobody else to fuck witThinkin everything is stolenBut can't face facts that a young black nigga's just rollinMaking more money than they ever makeTaking more shit than they ever takeYo pigs are made to kill, and no regret andkeep your hand on your weapon shoot his ass and start steppinCause I'm a nigga that don't give a fuck about nothinSo let me explain a lil somethin, yo
See, I got this problem, a big problem...Cops don't like me, so I don't like motherfucking cops
Fuck the police!Fuck, fuck, fuck the policeFuckFuck, fuck, fuck the police[Fuck the police!]
Episode Two:
Get out of the fuckin car!Wait a god damn minute what the hell did I do?Hey just shut the fuck up black bitchWait a minute, you ain't gotta be pullin me by my motherfuckin hair!Letgo of my motherfuckin hair!Hey just step the fuck back and shut up!Get your motherfuckin hands off of me!Calm down, calm down now... listen, we're gonna go around this corner, andyou're gonna suck me and my partner's dicks, or you're gonnabe one black dead nigger bitch
Police brutality is common in my neighborhoodThat's why I hate them motherfuckers
Verse Three: MC Ren
I said fuck the police but with a little more forceAnd maybe now I get my point acrossIt's a lot here that's goin on, just open your eyes and lookEveryday a young nigga is tookOff the face of the street by a policeIt's like they gotta a nigga chained on a short leashYou can't leave out the city that they shacked upCause if you do that's the right they got you jacked upIt's embarassin because you know they justice, but all you can dois say fuck this, because if you move, that's all she wroteSo what?The excuse to shoot, or they rather stomp your headtil you're dead with the steel toe bootHarassin me with some kind of mind gameActin like a nigga just was born with a gang-nameYou call that right but when you're black there's no rightSome recreational shit was only a gang fightSo shootin at the cops was a street thingTo waste time have to explain don't do cocaineBut everything was done just for peaceTo retaliate, on the fuckin police, so I'm sayin
Fuck the police!Fuck, fuck, fuck the police!FuckFuck the police!Fuck, fuck the police![The final episode]
Episode Three:
Hey Juan, look at the piece of ass manWatch out watch out watch out homes!Oh shit man you fucked up, you hit a police carI didn't see that piece of caca!Better act like you don't speak ingles homes...What the fuck?Get your ass out of there, I've had enoughof your raggedy ass motherfuking shit!No! No me pagan, por que me pagan, no!Por favor, no, no!Por que?
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