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Lirik Lagu Q.U. Hectic - Mobb Deep




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[Havoc] Fuck it kid whattup Queens in this motherfucker(Tell you I'm bangin tonight kid)(Yo Shorty got a FATTIE right there)[Prod] Queensbridge in the house aiyyo wordup[Havoc] Aiyyo Ty yo Ty c'mere Son(Whattup Boo? Can I buy you a drink or sumpin Boo?)[Ty] Whattup whattup?[Havoc] Where Twins and them at yo?(The fattie's bangin!)[Ty] I don't know (damn!)[Ty] I think Twins laid up[Havoc] Aiyyo Son gimme two HennesseeSon I want two Henessee's yo!Straight yo, word up man!*chaos*Aiyyo what up with them Queens niggaz man!Hey, fuck you!What? What the fuck, what?Think they killers or somethin manAy fuck you money, whattup kid*more chaos*
[Prodigy]I open my eyes to the streets where I was raised as a manAnd learned to use my hands for protectionin scuffles, throw all my blows in doublesI'm coming from Queens motherfucker carrying guns in couplesAnd wilding, a Q-U soldierFrom Lefrak to Rockaway back to QueensbridgeBlack it's only crack sales makin niggaz act like thatBack in the days we could scrap, now you lay on your backAs things changed with time I traded in my knuckles for a Mac-10And rather live the life of crimeWith my best stock connection connected in twoIt's live Boo start shit too wild for youPeace to, Baesley, Forty-P get downAnd when you outta town represent your groundThem niggaz bleed just like us so show em where we come fromQueens; leavin niggaz done Son
The Mobb gets hecticShit is for real up in Queens we get hecticShit is for real we abouts to get hectic (3X)
[Havoc]As we sling on the corners like we always doSon get that loot quick, spending dough like I never had shitI'm living large pushin luxury carsThough that shit is outta reach, anybody in my wake gets scarredPermanently bed-riddenAnd if you're pussy, then motherfucker get in where you fit inAs I walk around the streetsSon I got mad beef, I'ma blast you before you blast meThat's my philosophy cause nowadays you gotta be relentlessGrab my Mac and slap a nigga senselessDon't try to play me if you do you better D.O.A. meSon I got em shook grab a little baby for shieldsYou got drama run for shelter for realPour some beer for the ill ain't no time to chillHit em up cause I'm quick to erupt like thisWet em up with the Mac scratch em off my listShow em, the real meaning of drama you never had itTil you bumped heads with the HavocAin't nuttin soft or sweat, I lift you off your feetWhen I cock back the heat, whole crews retreat
[Prodigy]Ain't nothing soft or sweet, I lift you off your feetWhen I cock back the heat whole crews retreat
We gets hecticShit is for real we abouts to get hectic (2X)
[Prodigy]Everything is real inside my mind; these daysyou can't make it if you ain't affiliated with crimeA lifetime of street livingThroughout the beef I've accumulated many slugs have been givenBut wilding ain't the way to be livingYou're only gonna end up bloody on a floor shiveringOr locked up, caught inside the beastMeanwhile on the street saying no more peaceMy man, Sto-Bo, kid hold your ownIn a cell locked down not far from homeAnd at the same time on the outside I'm representingStill packin heat make you cowards keep steppingGetting high, it's cause of the lye, I can't lieI could move the crowd poppin slugs in the skyWhy come around if you afraid of what's over hereMy man Havoc put the bug in my earOn the real, for real, but wait it gets realerReal like an innocent child that turn killerIt's thing like that that only makes things illerand makin cream doin sticks if you ain't a drug dealer[It's] only facts coming out of my mouth feedsAs far as I can see these streets is getting sourQ, U, too much drama to get intoAnd niggaz regret when they begin toRegardless of your name or what you been throughPause for a second, open your eyes and think dudeLife ain't the game that it seems to beFuck a fantasy I'm leaving in realityCaught up in this untouchable mentalityHit you up bad, make you loose a few caloriesI need to slow down, movin through life at a high speedWatchin all the slow runners pass by meI can see through you, due to, my Queens educationSpeaking in behalf of this drug-game nationThe Foundation, the Queens nation
Up in Queens, shit is for real we abouts to get hecticWord upShaolin, shit is for real we abouts to get hecticWord up kidThe B.K., the shit is for real we abouts to get hecticKnowhatI'msayin? (No doubt!)And Manhattan, shit is for real we abouts to get hecticUp in the Bronx we abouts to get hecticWord up, knowhatI'msayin? The whole world kidShit is over dead, Mobb Deep say party UHHKnowhatI'msayin? Party UHH