Lirik Lagu Act a Fool [Radio Edit] From the 2 Fast 2 Furious - Ludacris




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[Ludacris]DRAH! 2 Fast...DRAH! 2 Furious...I'M TOO FAST FOR Y'ALL MAYN!DRAH! 2 Fast...DRAH! 2 Furious...OHH! I'M TOO FAST FOR Y'ALL MAYN!
[Chorus: Ludacris]AHH, you just came home from doin a bidTell me whatcha gon do? ACT A FOOLSomebody broke in and cleaned out your cribBOY whatcha gon do? ACT A FOOLJust bought a new pair and they scuffed your shoesTell me whatcha gon do? ACT A FOOLNow them cops tryna throw you in them county bluesBOY whatcha gon do? ACT A FOOL
[Ludacris]Talkin about gats, traps, cops and robbersIt's 9-1-1, PLEASE CALL THE DOCTOREvacuate the building and trick the pigsSince everybody wanna piece, we gon split ya wigsSee some fools slipped up and over-stepped they boundariesYou about to catch a cold, STAY THE FUCK AROUND FROMMEYa peeps talkin 'bout what kinda shits he onYou disappear like "POOF, BITCH BE GONE"You think twelve gon catch me, GIMMIE A BREAKI'm super-charged with the hide-away license plateIt seems they wanna finger print me and gimmie some yearsThey'll only get one finger while I'm shifting gearsI got suede on my roof. wood grain on the dashSheep skin on the rug, +Golden Grain+ on the stashHydraulics all around so I shake the rideWe go FRONT, BACK AND SIDE TO SIDE, WHAT
[Chorus: Ludacris]Some punk just tripped up and made you spill your drinkTell me whatcha gon do? ACT A FOOLNow your car just stopped on a empty tankBOY whatcha gon do? ACT A FOOLIf you got late bills and you lost your jobTell me whatcha gon do? ACT A FOOLIf you about to get drunk and you ready to mobBOY whatcha gon do? ACT A FOOL
[Ludacris]Let's take it to the streets cuz I'm ready to cruiseJust bought me and my cars all some brand new shoesAnd the people just stare so I LOVE TO PARK ITAnd I just put a computer in the glove compartmentWith the petal to the floor, radar in the GRILLETV in the middle of my STEERING WHEELIt's my car's birthday so we BLOWIN THEM CANDLESMore speakers in the trunk than my ride can handleGot my name in the headrest, read it and weepNOS tank in the back, camel hair on the seatand when I pull up to the club, I get all the affectionCuz the women love the paint and they can see their reflectionI'm about to take off, so F what ya heardBecause my side mirrors flap like a FUCKIN BIRDAnd the fools, we gon CLOCK ONE and we'll POP ONECuz my folk ridin shotgun with a shotgun
[Chorus: Ludacris]You just got hustled for a wire of cashMan whatcha gon do? ACT A FOOLNow your friends just smoked up your brand new stashSay whatcha gon do? ACT A FOOLNow them gulls up the block still runnin they mouthBOY whatcha gon do? ACT A FOOLIf anyone talk bad about the Dirty SouthTell me what I'M gon do? ACT A FOOL
[Ludacris]I got my eyes wide shut and my trunk wide openDid donuts last week and the streets still smokingSee, I'm off that anti-freeze and my car is TIPSYOff the off ramp doin about a hundred and fiftyRollin through East Point, on way to Ben HeelSlide a five to the junkie to clean my windshieldGot the whole crew ridin and we startin SHITI even got a trailer hitch with the barbeque pitNow all you wanna do is get drunk and poutPlus your new name is Fire cuz we stomped you outand yeah, we blow trees and beez(?),that's fantasticSo girls hold ya weed, while I'm weaving through trafficI kicked to fifth gear and teared the road apartYou'll be like lil John Cue and get a +Change of Heart+It's one mission, two clips and some triple beamsI'M ABOUT TO BLOW THIS WHOLE SHIT UP TO SMITHEREENS
[Chorus: Ludacris]The pot holes in the street just bentcha rimsTell me whatcha gon do? ACT A FOOLMAN, THAT AIN'T STICKY, THAT'S JUST STICKS AND STEAMSBOY whatcha gon do? ACT A FOOLCatch ya man with another bitch up in ya bedLadies whatcha gon do? ACT A FOOLIf the bottles all gone and your eyes are redBOY whatcha gon do? ACT A FOOL
[Ludacris]2 Fast, 2 Furious...2 Fast....ACT A FOOL2 Fast, 2 Furious...2 Fast....ACT A FOOL