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[Featuring Malika Shorty Leek Ratt PS Ras Kass WC]Verse One: MalikaSteppin up out the shadows I comes equipped to wreckHold up just a sec Coolio I'm on deck (Malika)Yeap the diction is on pointCausin friction when I flex up the jaw to hit the jointThat can actually give a blood mob like GottiLike the body cool keep the strap up by the naughtiesNiggie trippin why you beam us I don't step up with no bullshitSee that there it's clip for this stickup on the hipPeep the correct way to get your pimp onLet me hit the bong oh and my mind's quite strongWreck it nice and proper if it's on I'm finsta to stop herIf I'm swingin for the knockout, best believe I'm fits to drop herNinety-five's on poppin, representin I keep stompinThrow up my fists just like this when I'm mobbinVerse Two: ShortyI killed the last, killed the ass, with my ninety-five driveI'm deep like Denzel with my Crimson Tide, niggaLike Chaka Khan, I tell you something goodI'm Hi-C like Spike Lee within Tales From the HoodYou need it, I'll feed it, baby check the sizeHave you Goin' Down like Mary J. BligeWhen it's poppin like this, you can't be a cowardShorty freaks fuckin beats like Adina HowardMy squad is hard, with players, and hustlersNo toleration, for fakers and bustersFuckin with me with all honestyYou get bombed rap songs comin constantlyBumpin G-15's, Westside sceneKillin the competition, while making a fuckin greenSo ring, around the rosie, and mosey to the RosieAnd I want you to know GChorus:We bust and cuss and kick up dustDon't none of y'all niggaz want to fuck with usSo what's the time? It's time to get realWhy you bust your rhyme? Cause I got skillsWe bust and cuss and kick up dustDon't none of y'all niggaz want to fuck with usSo what's the time? It's time to get realWhy you bust your rhyme? Cause that's how I bailVerse Three: Leek Ratt (of 40 Thevz)Watch me, swallow this nickel and shit five penniesI'm the loc'est of them all though the rat is kinda skinnyHow many linny and squidgy think they can see me?I'm from Compton where even in the summer niggaz wear beaniesBustin lyrics sharper than razor blades catch it from head to toeif you're shocked, then amazed, when you see me at my stage showFor my stage show beat em up40 Thevz gettin busy rockin coast to coastDogs the most rap the hoes then rocks em upGivin it up for hip-hop vicitims how should I drop em and then pop emfor poppin like to get what I got, and I ain't got a whole lot ofnuthincuz I been ruffin and scuffin so give it up when I'm bustin or get toduckincuz I ain't given em nuthinFools can't get none, so fuck em!Verse Four: PSLet me rock the motherfuckin micSmoke a whole stick of dynamite, then fight all nightI got jabs like a welterweight championThe pocket-pincher purse-snatcher pistol-packinquick to get it crackinWent from jackin to rappin to runnin with a pack of mad menPull a trick out my sleeve like AladdinSome fool tried to play me for a punk I had to have him likelunch or dinner, he's just a beginnerFuckin with a winner, number one contender top dogHead nigga in charge runnin with a group of hogs40 Thevz, MAAD Circle, Cat, and CrowbarBest to put your daughterWack ass rappers get tossed upTrying to come in here with that garbageMy crew see the dopest and the hardestSo clear the path or get your punk ass Bogart-edChorus 1/2Verse Five: Ras KassI peep game and get recognized, buyin all the hard liquortoothpick and beedy-dyinBitch you got dealt, peeled your cap the other waylike a reversible Louis-Vitton Gucci beltAnd ain't nothin crackinFor them niggaz steppin up with the funk I'm packin TinactinCause I be earnin stripes in tight bunchesAll the homies carry nines I carry rhymes in sucker punchesWhat? Tootsie, my knees don't bendJust like that actor Hoffman I be Dustin off men oftenJaywalkin over your coffin with an eleven shot loss andJohn wrecked that Austin won't soften you're lost andsee arson, to exterminate the flyest nigga like OrkinStalkin lofts men to New York and in betweenso take caution, leave the flossin for dental hygeineMental plus my gene equals nasty young bastardThe raps be lung mastered takin vinyl's virginityCoincidentally I run shit like Walter PaytonNiggaz player hatin cause I spoke like a DaytonI kick the bass like Ron Carter at the Carter whenC and B came strollinBlowin niggaz up like when Mookie's stupid ass got caught smokinFigure, your stigma is lack of enigmaSo bitch-ass niggaz better step, like the Delta Sigma ThetasVerse Six: CoolioWe don't give a fuck, fools better duck39 deep in the back of Wino's truckLike robbin in the paint, fool think I ain't?Your crew is on stank, that's why I'm pullin rankI rev like a motor float ON like a boat tokick a style like Tical from here to North DakotaThe ambassador of funk with amps in the trunkAnd when it's time to rock a mic I won't be no punkI bring death to the evil and power to the peopleMy name ain't Steve Miller but I Fly Like an EagleDon't play me for a chump, I get around like GumpAnd I, got more con in my verse than ChuckAnd you don't want no motherfuckin problems hereCuz I can round up a posse like Paul RevereYour whole crew'll get took out, turned out, shook outBurned up like a cookout, so fools better look outVerse Seven: WCFresh out the penalty boxSportin a stockin cap, cut off dickies, and some high-top stripedsocksThe freestyle finatic pyschosomatic back at it causin staticwith lyrics still as tight as a straight jacketThe last in line but one of the first to get wit chabringin more terror to MC's than a Michigan militiaClick click boom, nigga fuck your crewIt's the chanky hip-hopper, takin over pissin in your stage monitorsocket you think that you can fuck with mine in your wildest dreamsYou best to wake up and apoligizeNiggaz penetentiary yearn me cuz I, burn like Parkerbut anyway, half of y'all couldn't see me with a pair of Blu BlockersThe lyrical night stalker stalkin at night in a pair of creased KhakisChuck Taylors, my pistol grip tightDub-C, that nigga from Westside MAAD CircleAy man! Ay ay.What's up Wino?Uh like loc, it's like late, let's get the fuck up out of hereAre we out?Yeah yeah fuck itFuck it, MAAD Circle bitch!