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[Featuring E 40 KAM 40 Thevz]Verse One: E 40When I was fifteen years oldStraight dope game I was toldI went from selling pennies of the riders dank ah (riders dank ah)Timin ass think of slangin crank (think of slangin griqua)Situation critical: phone home phone homeTalkin on my digital: call phoneYa seen a boatload of situations for dangleationsInvalid ghetto pass late ass registrationsBoy I tell you shit is pitiful, damn!Vocally repentable, dead right!I try to stay away from artificial (artificial)Plastic ass (plastic ass), pleather motherfuckin individuals(Fuckah!!)*Coolio*Exercise yo' game maynCause things is changin and rearranginExercise yo game maynJust use yo' brain mayn don't run the same game*E-40*Exercise yo' game maynFertilize yo' grass, playa get da cashExercise yo' game maynBut you gotta make it last!Verse Two: CoolioOne lone loco rides awayinto the sunset but, I ain't done yetRespect yourself and wear your vestKeep your guard up cause fools be hard upWhen you hittin dips better check yo' clips andWatch the police and the Bloods and the CripsAnyway you dudes got ta pay your duesKeep one in the chamber cause the shoes always looseRubber wheels beat rubber heels anydayPut the green in your jeans and get the holes out ya haloOr you can stay broke while your homies is rollin smokesAnd sippin yak and smokin dank and tellin jokes, hahaPa-pap, pa-pap *gunshot sound accompanies*, fool you can have thatI worked too hard for mine, to let you take a dimeNo pain no gain no pocket changePrepare yourself for battle, exercise yo' game*Coolio*Exercise yo' game maynMake your money grow don't you be no hoe lowExercise yo' game maynKeep your works on tight to make yo' stash stay right and*E-40*Exercise yo' game maynFertilize your grass, playa get yo' cashExercise yo' game maynPlaya get your coins, be like Donald GoinesHave heart have money man, have heart have money man -- YAKNOW!Verse Three: KAMI got next you wanna run with me homey (yeap)Well I don't need playas in the paint who cain't do nuttin fo' meShow me get down nigga (right) we can make sumpim happen (yeah)I'm West coast Eastside East hood slum gangsta rappinNiggaz say you want to be affiliated (yeah)Well let me warn you: I'm the kind of playa that's really hatedI'm rated X like MalcolmE-40, Coolio, and KAM -- sprinkle game like talcumYou want to make money in the game well let me show youHow to do for self cause ain't nobody gon' do this for youOh you caught like lint; if you waitin on the mystery GodCause ain't nobody gonna give you shitYou gotsta get up, off yo' assand put yourself in heaven on Earth, before you passAnd exercise yo' game -- exercise yo' game foolVerse Four: 40 ThevzPeep game from a young ass, rollin on the one wayFoot to the gas got the indo mixed with hashMonday through Sunday and all in-betweenI fiend for my paper, my fed, and my greenAin't no busters or no suckers on my team or in my mattressJust call me the PimpAnd you can call me the RatWatch my feet hit the tracks it, ain't no lookin backI'm on a mission tryin to put my fuckin click on the mapBut these niggaz don't know the halfRunnin with riff raff but I got some game for your bitch assCause your game is weaker than an anorexicI exercised my game until I had my game perfectedI wrote the game on paper then I put the game on recordYou better check it nigga don't you every disrespect itE-X-C-E, R-I-S-E, Y-O-G-A, M-E for-dy/40Thevz in the house better exercise yo' gameExercise yo' game*E-40*Have heart have money mayn, have heart have money mayn, YAKNOW!*Coolio*Exercise yo' game maynMake your money grow don't you be no hoe lowExercise yo' game maynKeep your works on tight to make your stash stay right and*E-40*Exercise yo' game maynFertilize your grass, playa get da cash andExercise yo' game maynBut you gotta make it last (make it last)!!![E-40] All day erytime[Cool] Yeah[E-40] E-40 and tha motherfuckin Click[Cool] That's right[E-40] PMD[Cool] Yeah[E-40] Crowbar, Barr 9[Cool] Uh-huh[E-40] 40 Thevz[Cool] That's right[E-40] Erytime, motherfucka[Cool] In that ass[E-40] like Bugsy[Cool] Yeah[E-40] De massive[Cool] Uh-huh[E-40] We don't stop[Cool] My nigga Kam[E-40] We don't quit[Cool] God damn![E-40] Fuck a motherfucka -- we on hit, the Bay to L.Aaaaaaaaaii[Cool] Slide[E-40] Motherfucka display[Cool] All the way to Compton[E-40] Yo' game orientate in situationsNiggaz dump all on my Clickalications, I'm pervin[Cool] Oh yeah[E-40] Erytime motherfucka[Cool] Sho' we do -- don't let us in we breakin in fool[E-40] This is what I do[Cool] Yeah -- E-40, Coolio, the 40 Thevz -- my nigga Kam, god damn[Cool] Yeah, Barr 9 in the house