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Lirik Lagu Rain - Chamillionaire, Billy Cook, - Chamillionaire




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[Talking]I was sitting back, and I was thinking manI ain't even trying to deal with this shit no more, you knowCham' I don't know what to do yo, ya knowSeem like everytime a nigga make one step manNigga take two steps back, you feel me
[Chamillionaire]They told me that pain was just in the frame, the irony of thatCause that was the slogan showing, when they tried to see my tatsNever knew what was in the skin, would finally be a factFeeling like mother nature's, right behind me with a gatTake that, the rain's loud on the window when it tapsTo help with the time, I thought that I could finally be relaxedTired of being po', yeah trying to leave the ratsWalk out to see three of your tires, that be on flatAnd that one tire, left a sign of hopeThat helps you to keep on grinding, when you kinda brokeThat helps you to keep composure, up around your folkThat keeps from trying to wrap a rope, around your throatDon't choke, you feeling like giving upLife isn't a million bucks, you feeling like living sucksGod's telling you hear your boy, but you don't wanna give him trustMama telling you pay your ties, and you yell at her back for whatTo the path took a ride fast, to get some rims on his truckI don't think that they'll miss, ten percent of negative bucksPut some Henny up in your cup, your problems will start to drownBut soon as your buzz leaves, then problems come back around damn
[Hook: Billy Cook]Keep your head up is what they telling me, what it gotta beSorry but the world keeps stressing me, rain drops round up the memoriesIt's gonna be alright is what they telling me, don't let the stress get the best of meTrying to focus on the road that's ahead of me, till my heaven gets cloudy bout a memory
[Scarface]God knows, how I feel nowOn the outside I'm smiling, but inside a nigga know he hell boundIt's a dark road, and I'm right here in the middle of itDo I walk slow or if I run, am I'm missing some'ingI took the time out, to save a little breadNow my eyes, got water in emWhy the fuck am I still standing here, nobody love me I ain't happy hereMy mama said, she can't handle himBut still, I'm looking at the bright sideBut I view it through my other eye, cause it's a different color skyThen the last one, my mind set on the prize that may never comeSo do I try to stay alive, or do I grab a gunEnd it all, put a stop to the painThat goes on in my head, everytime it rainsBut that was speaking, so you listening to the thoughtsOf an evil spirit, in demonic verses everytime I talkI'm confused, by my psychologic close set backsIn the storm, watching out through the wet cracksLooking for heaven, off in all the wrong placesI've given up so all long faces, let it rain
[Chamillionaire]Your bills keep adding up, to be alone you preferBill collectors steady calling, starting to get on your nervesYour rent due on the first, but right now it's the thirdTelling yourself it's gon get better, but ain't believing a wordFeel like it's hard to deal, tomorrow it's hard as steelNot to mention the realest member, of your family is getting illTell me it isn't so, tell me it isn't realIn the mist of all the drama, you take a lil' time to kneelTo deal you take a pill, just to deal with the dramaYou thinking your life sinking, and there isn't a plumberThey tell you what doesn't kill you, only makes you strongerYou'd have to be a Superman, to lift as much as me partna(Could tell you stay strong) you're trying, but help is just what you doubtingCause the room is a monsoon, that's never gon get to dryingThe storm is moving on, and you thinking these people lyingThey saying they had it worse, but how come they all keep on smiling
[Billy Cook]Don't let stress take control, gonna be alright I knowI'ma make it through fa sho, fa sho yeah - 2x
[singing]My memry, heeeey-heeey yeahStressing me-stressing me, my memoriesThat's what they telling meI'm trying to focus on the road that's ahead of meBy my memories, yeah heeey yeeeah
[talking]When it seems like nothing but dark cloudsAre raining in on your bright, sunny dayRemember, the sunlight always comes after the rainYou should be thankful, everydayShould be a celebration, of life