Yo Ho Hero with Steve Taylor

Raise the mast on the steadfast!
Swifter than a bareback sea horse
Sailing the uncharted sea course
Who could survive such a dangerous mission
Alongside pirates with zero ambition

We got the coconuts poured
We drop the hooks overboard
And if you get a little seasick
We play the Haddock for a Hat trick

We got the hammocks on the main deck
We got the butler doin' the hen-peck
He say we shoulda been swabbin' the poop deck
It's what the other pirates do do
But we're bringin' you

Yo ho heroes
Standin' in the gap
Where'd you put the toys
Time to take a nap

Yo Ho heroes
Flighty as a bird
Easy is the word
Yo, I'm seein' no heroes

We're on a limbo craze
It's a relic from our limber days
Now we're stuck inside the Limbo-Zone
Its where the pirates go with too much time and a missing spine

Yo ho heroes
Standing in the gap
Where'd you put the map
Take another nap

Yo ho heroes
Strike a better pose
That's the way it goes
Yo, I'm seein' no heroes

We're on the Bad Mood Swing
We haven't done one thing
Not even a minimum daily requirement
We got the funk without the Parliament

And if you're feelin' a little seasick
And if you wanna get off the guilt trip
Because the Captain of the Main Ship
He could be comin' before you know Him
What are you gonna show Him

Go hero
Standing in the gap
Takin' up the slack
Followin' the King's Map

Go hero
Steady as a rock
I know it's a shock
Yo, there be a hero

Go hero
Standin' in the gap
Takin' up the slack
Followin' the King's Map

Go hero
Steady at the wheel
Keep an even keel
Yo, there be the King's hero

In The Belly Of A Whale

Up to my ears in bitter tears
Can't believe I've sunk this low
Can't believe I've sunk this low
As I walk the plankton
Inner sanctum
Got outta Dodge
Sailed on a bon-less
Bon voyage
You said North
I headed South
Tossed overboard
Good Lord that's a really large mouth

I'm sleeping with fishes here
In the belly of the whale
I'm highly nutritious here
In the belly of the whale
Bad food lousy atmosphere
I don't wanna bellyache
How long is this gonna take?

Woke up this morning kinda blue
Thinking through that age-old question
How to exit a whale's digestion?
It might behoove me to be heaved
Head out like a human comet
Hey guys you might not wanna rhyme with comet

I'm sleeping with fishes here
In the belly of the whale
I'm highly nutritious here
In the belly of the whale
I'm ready to reappear
I don't wanna bellyache
Lord how long's this gonna take?

End times they come rolling around
Enzymes they come breaking us down to the core
The good Lord grants we all get a second chance

I'm one of the dishes here
In the belly of the whale
They say I'm delicious here
In the belly of the whale
Lord please make him chuck it all
It's a gut call
In the belly of the whale

I'm in the belly of the whale
In the belly of the whale
I'm in the belly
In the belly of the whale
I'm in the belly of the whale
In the belly of the whale
I'm in the belly

In the belly of the whale
In an underwater jail
It's a tight squeeze
It's a-gettin' to me
But it's roomier
Than the tail
Hey sailor
Got my flow free
Like a salmon to the sea
From the LA Symphony
I'm a paddleboat
Paddlin' in their wake
A fake free-styler
But my unemployment pays
I'm avoiding cliches
Like whale of a tale stale
Or you can't keep
A good man down
'Cause you can
And I've been there man
But I've been expectorated
I'm elated!
I'm free like Willie!
Happy Day!
That's a bit of a cliche

In the belly


Time after time
Itís all the same
I forget who I am
I take Your place
The bigger I get
The harder I fall
I act like I donít need You at all
And one by one
My bridges burn
Until Iíve nowhere left to turn
But itís You whoís right there for me
And itís You who writes my story
I need an earthquake
To shake me until it breaks me down
Iím giving You everything
My prideís crashing to the ground
Shatter my walls
Let my kingdom fall
I donít wanna wear this crown no more
My heart is Yours to take
Itís You that can save me
Itís You that can shake me
I need an earthquake
I need an earthquake
Iíve lived on the edge
For way too long
Walking a tightrope on my own
When out of the dark
I heard You call
Now, into Your hands I surrender all
So take my heart and shape it up
To build me into what You want
ĎCause itís You who sees right through me
Youíre the only one that moves me
I lift my hands
I lift my hands high
My heart is open
My heart is open wide
Show me life
Show me a new life
Where all thatís left
Where all thatís left is You and I

What I Want Them To Say

Whatís a man to do
When every dream heís chased comes true
All the trophies on a wall
Are gonna lose their shine and fall
Whatís a stage played on
If we donít give You every song
All the cheers and the applause
In the arena theyíll be lost
What will they think about the things I did
What will they say about the life Iíve lived
I want them to say
Heís the one whose faith didnít fade
When everything crashed, he didnít cave
He never lost his awe and wonder
The one that kept me from going under
And he ran a good race
Thatís what I want, what I want, I want them to say
What if they all know my name
But never see beyond my face
A pointless legacy
There so much more inside of me
He fights for the weak
Has arms that reach out for Jesus
Every word that he speaks
Helps me to believe thereís a God that loves us
Oh Lord, I want YOU to say


This is my story, this is my song
I have a hope thatís stronger then the dust Iím standing on
This is my anchor, my cornerstone
This is the anthem Iíll be singing, till the Kingdom comes
I am committed, Iím not ashamed
I pledge my allegiance to Jesus, My King
I am committed, got nothing to hide
Iím not giving up, not selling out, Iím in this for life
I am committed, to Christ
I am committed, to Christ
For all that Heís given, The price that He paid
Forever weíre freed by the power of His unshakable grace
For all of His children, His daughters and sons
This is the anthem weíll keep singing from the top of our lungs
To the One who gave it all
To the One who fights for us
To the One who took my suffering
In the name of love
This is our message
Our battlecry
So stand up and sing with me
I am committed


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