Waiting Game

You and meA little differentThough we tried to stay the sameIt never leavesAnd when it changes it is still a waiting game
I wait for a lonely breathI wait to surface from this deathWait for the light to comeAnd take away these images I getIn my head
More than everI need to feel youMore than everI see the real you
You are meA worst disaster would be waking up aloneNow we're freeWe're drifting outLike all the ones we didn't knowI wait for a silent tearI wait for things to disappearWait for the ground to stop moving underneath my only fearIf I lose you I don't know
More than everI need to feel youIt's all aroundMore than everI see the real youAnd it's around
Everything, everythingWe've hadOut of sight out of mindGiven thatWhat I see when I dreamHurts like hell and back[X2]