Break The Walls Down (Chris Jericho Theme)
oleh: WWF

Címon Jericho, You know I gotya, yeahBreak the walls downBreak down the wallsFor there was a patch of RockOf what you whatBaby you know youíre JewishAnd I Ďm your priest,Baby all Iíve got love is from the beast,Bring it from the stage in the rage of the beast, Step into youíre arena and Break the walls downStep into youíre arena and Break the walls down
Awaken from a deep sleep, Your whole week,Youíre liviní in the agony of defeat,I am the cat that haunt your whole week,And I am the cat that flocked you like sheep,Step into the jail and break the walls downYouíre heartbeat is the only sound.Step into the light and then youíll knowYou will stop and drop for the walls of Jericho
What you gonna do, Jericho, coming down, you feel me now?Hun? Break the walls down, JerichoFor there was a patch of RockSet the trap,For there was a chance to jump, I wonít goFor there was the best cure,Watch me slowBreak Down the walls of Jericho