Farewell To You

Well it's time to say goodbye my friendI'm glad you stayed until the endI hope that you've enjoyed the time we spentThough I know that I will be back againI don't know just how soon my friendUntil we meet again just think of meI'll think of you
It was easier to say helloThan to say goodbyeNow the bus is leaving once againI bid farewell to youOh oh yeah
I remember all the fun we hadAnd all the tears when times were badBut you were there when we were down Rn' outAnd I know that I will not forgetWhat was written and what was saidAnd who was there when we were not on topOf the world
It was easier, etc.
Yes it's time to say auf WiedersehnSayonata Rn' ciao my friendYou'll always have a place within my heartAnd rock will come and rock will goThe scene will change and time will showBut still I hope that I'll be there for youBe there for me
It was easier, etc.