Story of Love
oleh: Westlife

(Chorus)This is the story of loveLet's make it last foreverYou hold the words that mean so muchLet's make a vow togetherWhen me world falls behindI just look into those eyesAnd see the story of love
Now is the momentI've been waiting forwhen dreams they come to lifeNo hesitation, only open doorsYou pushed those doubts asideSomehow you always feelWhat's on my mindSeems like this consequenceCame right on time
Running in circles Felt like eternityIndecision led my mindBut you hold the window to all remediesAnd filled that space insideSomehow you turned the pageTo the other sideWhat was an empty placeIs now filled with life
No more illusionsBrought down and divideWith you, my babyAll my confusions pushed aside
(Chorus Acappella)