oleh: Westlife

Watching the clock on the wallBeen a while since you calledI can not help but waitIt's late and I can not get no sleepSomething's different this timeIt just does not feel rightHave we broken in two?Am I really gonna lose you tonight?You come walking inTears in your eyesPretending like it's alright
[Chorus:]But I know you're leavingI know that smileI can tell you've been cryingYou're gonna say goodbyeI wish I could stop youBut you've made up your mindI beg you do not goBut I already know you're leaving
Where does the time go?Between goodbye and helloHow did we come to this is there something we missedAlong the wayWith your bags at the doorI wanna pull you in closeAnd hold you once more even though
Here come the sleepless nightsHere come the tears I'm gonna cryHere comes the last goodbye leaving us behindOh this can not be right