Flying Without Wings
oleh: Westlife

Everybody's looking for that somethingOne thing that makes it all completeYou find it in the strangest placesPlaces you never knew it could be
Some find it in the face of their childrenSome find it in their lover's eyesWho can deny the joy it bringsWhen you've found that special thingYou're flying without wings
Some find it sharing every morningSome in their solitary livesYou'll find it in the words of othersA simple line can make you laugh or cry
You'll find it in the deepest friendshipThe kind you cherish all your lifeAnd when you know how much that meansYou've found that special thingYou're flying without wings
So, impossible as it may seemYou've got to fight for every dreamCos who's to know which one you let goWould have made you complete
Well, for me it's waking up beside youTo watch the sunrise on your faceTo know that I can say I love youAt any given time or place
It's little things that only I knowThose are the things that make you mineAnd it's like flying without wingsCos you're my special thingI'm flying without wings
And you're the place my life beginsand you'll be where it endsI'm flying without wingsAnd that's the joy you bringI'm flying without wings