Butterfly (Live) (Bonus Track)
oleh: Weezer

Yesterday I went outsidewith my momma's mason jarCaught a lovely ButterflyWhen I woke up todayAnd looked in on my fairy petShe had withered all awayNo more sighing in her breastI'm sorry for what I didI did what my body told me toI didn't mean to do you harmBut every time I pin down what I think I wantit slips away - the ghost slips awayI smell you on my hand for daysI can't wash away your scentif I'm a dog then you're a bitchI guess you're as real as memaybe I can live with thatmaybe I need fantasya life of chasing ButterflyI told you I would returnWhen the robin makes his nestbut I ain't never comin' backI'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry