Precious Stone
oleh: Venice

(Kipp Lennon, Michael Lennon, Mark Lennon & John Vester)

So long have I known youIt's hard to findNew ways to say I love youAnd thank you for being mineWell, here goes another tryDiamonds and jewels, darlingSilver and goldThese things are rare, darlingOr so we are often toldBut they can be bought and sold
And what you have it can't be foundAs you window shop downtownNobody can ownWhat is yours and yours aloneIf only you could see yourselfFor the treasure that you areThen you would knowThat you are a precious stone
Lives have been spent searchingFor one so trueBut no fame and no fortuneCould ever come close to you
Brilliance and radianceDeepness and strengthFacets of you I have come to knowA priceless appraisal for youA precious stone and you alone beautiful stonePrecious stone