Anak Ayam (Freak To The Beat)
oleh: Too Phat

( Verse 1 )( Malique )Now Imma kick a lil' som'n funky for the fellasAnd all them phat ladies who been actin overzealousThat tell us that Whutthadilly? was really the best oneAnd they could hardly wait to check out the nextSo i bless 'em wit this phat verse fatter than tractorsA kiddy kinda voice a contributory factorOn how i let my phat words affect the fat gurlsThey start moonwalkin' backwards until they back hurtsNow check this hella fancy you in a frenzyAnd how you and your frens be, jumpin' like chimpanzeesI know our fans be wantin' us back so badSo Imma kick a track and let you lay back and checkThis easy playa, songs you bump to on your CD playerTiggedy tellin' all the sleazy, cheesy haters see ya laterGimme' the piece fo paper with the funky ball point penSome people they ready to battle but to busy to make an appointmentOink oink man just take a look at the biggy phat wanna be tupacHe hattin' me up the rooftop cause my group is too hotYour crew not, some fool said that my music abusiveJust like this but now youthink my cooíish amuses0, 1, 2-0, 1-2 is how we doWe make the crowdthe rowdy rowdy hooooo
( chorus )wo-o-oh Malique and Joe againThey on the radio wo-o-ohBlastin thru your fat mommaís stereo-o-ohDonít wake your neighbors you gotta keep itLow-o-oh wo-o-oh wo-o-ohTo all the playaz in the club, freak freak to the beatAll the honeyz show me love, freak freak to the beatEverybody throw it up, freak feak to the beatFreak freak freak to the beat
( verse 2 )(Joe Flizzow)Biggedy back up in this bínez again ya dream womans dream manThe type that ainít gotta open doors and hold handsTo show love but I get down for sure love, ya know loveNeva hold off on gracious boos, thatís unheard offWORD ainít it never or ever occuredI be pulliní stunts they kinda crazy and absurdJoe Flizzow, Malique clockiní boos in scooís and herdsWhen Iím grabiní microphones they grabbiní my shirtWe contemplating sometimes we complicatiníAmaziní phrasing got ya gazin tryina be chasiní the DragonThey call me Joe dragon and I donít mean to brag onBut Jzow got this hands on experienceTo make ya hunnyGot deliriousIím seriously silly so Whutthadilly? You got beef wifí meReally ?You gotta be jokiní donít try to provokiníJoe and Malique we hot and we smoking
( repeat chorus )
( Verse 3 )( Malique )Yeah yeah we ainít thru until we take you fools onJourney back to the old skoolWhen it was all about love and brotherhoodAnd everything was crazy coolCheck, we usta wear white Nike air Force sneaks with theFly grey nike air sweatersAnd at the little playground next to the school is whereEverybody get togetherCheck it out, we usta drink and chill out in the park andFreestyliní from the top of the domeThen everybody would party at Moomooís crib because theMommy and daddy ainít homeCheck, see I be chilliní, Joe be chilliníWhole Phat Family be chilliníAnd I still got it, love for theeSukers thatís down with me
( repeat chorus )