Here In My Heart
oleh: Tiffany

Sometimes there's a time you must say goodbyeThought it hurts you must learn to tryI know I've got to let you goBut I know everywhere you goYou'll never be farCause like the light over bright starYou'll be shining in my lifeYou're gonna be rightChorusHere in my heartThat's where you'll beYou'll be with me hereHere in my heartNo distance can keep us apartAs long as you're here in my heartWon't be any tears falling from these eyesCause when true love never diesIt's stay alive foreverTime can't take away what we haveI'll remember our time togetherYou may think our time is trueBut I'll still have youChorusI know you'll be back againAnd till thenMy heart is waitingChorus