When We Meet
oleh: The Paps

You come softly through my eyesOh what a lovely timeYou... Let me know your nameYou really ease my painAnd drivin' me insane
You... make me feel so fineYou... are my peace of mindYou... make the world go aroundYou are my sunshine
Every time I close my eyes(I can't stop calling yout name)And everywhere I go(I can't stop calling yout name)Every second every minute(I can't stop calling yout name)And... I don't know why(I can't stop calling yout name)
Now I cans see that everything is newAnd that's why I've fallen in love with you
When we meet again girlBaby when we meet, I won't let you goWhen we meet again girlYou are all I want to knowWhen we meet again girlWow wow wow wow wow wow wowWhen we meet again girlI'm gonna make youI'm gonna make you mine