Borrowed Heaven
oleh: The Corrs

All beauty, all fade awayborrowedAll moonlight, return todayborrowedAll sunrise, all shooting starsborrowedAll earth bound bare feet in clayyou know we're standing on
Borrowed, borrowed heavenBorrowed, borrowed heaven
All heartache, all rivers criedborrowedDon't stay out too late tonightborrowedI love you, don't wanna dieborrowedYou taste like paradiseI know I'm breathing in
Borrowed, borrowed heavenBorrowed, borrowed heavenBorrowed, borrowed heavenBorrowed, borrowed heaven
You gave me lifeAnd I will give it backBut before I do,I'm gonna hold it tightThis is my prayer
All body, all skin, all boneborrowedAll silky, all smooth and warmborrowedAll pleasure, all pain are oneborrowedAlmighty, I stand aloneI know I'm living in
Borrowed, barrowed heavenTo the end