Wherever You Will Go

So lately, I've been wonderinWho will be there to take my placeWhen I'm gone, you'll need loveTo light the shadows on your faceIf a great wave should fallIt would fall upon us allAnd between the sand and stoneCould you make it on your own
[Chorus:]If I could, then I wouldI'll go wherever you will goWay up high or down lowI'll go wherever you will go
And maybe, I'll find outThe way to make it back somedayTo watch you, to guide youThrough the darkest of your daysIf a great wave should fallIt would fall upon us allWell I hope there's someone out thereWho can bring me back to you
Runaway with my heartRunaway with my hopeRunaway with my love
I know now, just quite howMy life and love might still go onIn your heart and your mindI'll stay with you for all of time
If I could turn back timeI'll go wherever you will goIf I could make you mineI'll go wherever you will go