Deathmask Divine

Removal of the eyes gives my heart a saddened chillI preserve them in formaldehydeto gaze upon at willhow their greenish flecks befill methat starlit winters nighthow I lost all that I ever waswhile locked within their sightbefore you sits a broken manyour fragile pinkish heart in handpeculiar how it can hurt so badwhile love is only in the mindI sew the gaping chestworkeach thread is made with lovethe bosom where I would rest my faceis covered in your blood
Nothis is not the endyou'll live on eternally
Ohlord its not the endmy secret you'll forever beI interrupt this transformationa familiar lust swelling in mea long and soulful kissthe shades are drawn the living world cant seethe coil of entrailshow curious the smellso pungent to my eager nostrilshands further compelled
Nono its not the endforever you'll be in my armsI could never let you gomy darling cold and blueI wonder are you dreaming stillspread eagle blood removedI weave the sucking trocarbeneath your bruising skintonight I'll lay beside you darling in necromantic sinpinned to the bed sheets like a prized butterfly
You're mineI hear your voice so precious echoing deeply insideI did my best to love youwhile you did live and breathethis tender taxidermytrophy of the bereaved