Officially Missing You [MIDI Mafia Remix]
oleh: Tamia

[Talib Kweli]Everytime I walk up in the spot the corks popGot the floor hot, we goin' to rock until 4 o' clockWe used to keep a trick up my sleeve to get a chick to leaveNow we've got another one of them calling meAll eyes on you when you walk byYour guy is doing stunts like the four guysI know you make me feel like a six million dollar star tonightThe type to make every nigga holla
[Tamia]All I hear is raindropsFalling on the rooftopOoh baby tell me why'd you have to goCause this pain I feelIt won't go awayAnd today I'm officially missing youI thought that from this heartacheI could escapeBut I fronted long enough to knowThere ain't no wayAnd todayI'm officially missing you
[Chorus]Ooh can't nobody do it like youSaid every little thing you doHey baby say it stays on my mindAnd I, I'm officially
[Tamia]All I do is lay aroundTwo ears full tearsFrom looking at your face on the wallJust a week ago you were my babyNow I don't even know you at allI don't know you at allWell I wish that you would call me right nowSo that I could get through to you somehowBut I guess it's safe to say baby safe to sayThat I'm officially missing you
[Talib Kweli]My baby is giving me the proper danceCause you know I'm the manAnd these type of cats play the game of chanceCome close enough to show you how we 'suppose to loveYou know they say we can't smoke in the clubBut I'm cool cause your love is like a potion, a drugThese emotions got me open like budsRoast, club boasts and I'm headed home with youYou know when you're going, I'm going to miss youIt's so official
[Tamia]Well I thought I could just get over you babyBut I see that's something I just can't doFrom the way you would hold meTo the sweet things you told meI just can't find a wayTo let go of you
[Tamia]It officialYou know that I'm missing youYeah yesAll I hear is raindropsAnd I'm officially missing you