The Broken Song

I look up the sky itís nothing there could make me smileAnd the moon is dark itís time to let you goThe scratches in my heart I know itís real but feel so fakeI could neverÖCos when I look back so many things I should regretMy insecurity wonít dry to pull you downAll this things surrounding me is never compromiseBring the devil get outta my side
This broken heart and broken lifeIíve made it all no turning backNow should I stay here with no lightsOr should I go for one last try
The brighter side of me is grey so hard to make it whiteAnd the reasons just completely out of sightIíll come back and try when I know Iím a better manThen again that will never come true
I wonder why we say good byeWonder why I fucked up everythingAnd just today Iíve found it whyLike they say some was born to lose