My Everything (Lee Donghae)

The loneliness of nights alonethe search for strength to carry onmy every hope has seemed to diemy eyes had no more tears to crythen like the sun shining up aboveyou surrounded me with your endless loveCoz all the things I couldn't see are now so clear to me
You are my everythingNothing your love won't bringMy life is yours aloneThe only love I've ever knownYour spirit pulls me throughWhen nothing else will doEvery night I prayOn bended kneeThat you will always beMy everything
Now all my hopes and all my dreamsare suddenly realityyou've opened up my heart to feela kind of love that's truly reala guiding light that'll never fadethere's not a thing in life that I would ever tradefor the love you give it won't let goI hope you'll always know

You're the breath of life in methe only one that sets me freeand you have made my soul completefor all time (for all time)
You are my everything (you are my everything)Nothing your love won't bring (nothing your love won't bring)My life is yours alone (alone)The only love I've ever knownYour spirit pulls me through (your spirit pulls me through)When nothing else will do (when nothing else will do)Every night I pray (I pray)On bended knee (on my knee)That you will always bebe my everything

[almost spoken:] Every night I praydown on bended kneethat you will always bemy everythingoh my everything