Long Gone Too Far
oleh: Specific

Verse1: Long gone to far you
cant keep up wit dis young
supastar yea son get over it
you jus cant spit dey call
me da neighborhood criminal
got ya chick in a safe stimulation
get ya man ta jump in da situation
i could roll fo 2000 miles
turn around and catch you and spin
ya head like a screw my shoes
dey stay new wit da gootchie
on my air forces got ya
girl in a lock and she dont want me
ta stop holdin her like dat i
kissed her on her and
da gum went pop we rolled to
a party ad den she stepped
in front and gave me a lil
hop a yo feel da wind on ya
face cuz i flu by you standin
in front of ya face and you
and you aint gotta clu
and da next thang im a do

Hook: long gone 2 far you aint
catchin me im outta da state
you might as well jus sit and wait
lookin like a fish on bait im jus
long gone 2 far

Verse2: A yo ya time is up jus
give it up ad lay on ya back and smell
da red roses or get jacked
i suppose smell da scent of booty
chattayou cant handle dis cat from
buck-town comin wit a whole
new sound see my peeps
wen we come through call us da
creeps cuz we give ya'll da
creeps i aint sharin da
cash keep it in a big stash
give dem boys da 3rd heat come back
again and bring da 2nd repeat
stay down and have a seat
(ahhhh) holla at playa
wen you see me on da street trick
take a stroll down da street
find dat boy and come full speed
wit da biggest gunz weigh bout
3 tons and dey slice you
for fun son

Hook: Repeat x2

verse3: figure 4 mo like figure
3 like my boy ai he move so
quick he got time ta go take a piss
and den come back and do it again
in slo mo can nobody stop dis
one man ballin sho put
him in da spot light he gon' glo
like he neva did befo
yea kid dats right you supposed
ta kno wen im bout to attack
you scared dat lil bird now he
somwhere stuck up in a tree
like glu you can catch m