With Ears To See And Eyes To Hear

True friends lie underneath,these witty words I don't believeI can't believe a damn thing they say, anymoreLie! Liar you'll pay for your sinsNow! Liar I know all the places you've been
Forgiveness this taste all but poisons my mouthI scream but nothing, nothing will come outYou've gone too far
So tell me how does it feel,how does it feel to be like you?I think your mouth should be quietCause it never tells the truthSo tell me, so tell me why,why does it have to be this way?Why can't things ever change?
Falling over, and over againOh, why does it have to be this way?From the place I was, to the place I am,to the place I want to beFor the mountains I've been climbing overand under and overFrom the place that I was to the man I've becomeI'll be there to see the tower you'll fall fromNo this kingdom isn't quite what it may seemYou're an illusion, you'll never be king
Sometimes things are better left unsaidBut this time you'll get what you give(True friends lie underneath, these witty wordsI can't believe, I can't believea damn thing they say, anymore)
"Come down, come down from your tower""Come down, come down from your tower"I know that for all my life, for all my strengthThere is only one above who can judge meAll I am is yours, all I am is yours, I am yours!