You Suck At Love

We started off incredibleConnection undeniableI swear I thought you were the one foreverBut your love was like a loaded gunYou shot me down like everyone'Cause everyone's replaceableWhen you're just so incapableOf getting past skin deep
[Chorus:]Guess what, another game overI got burned, but you're the real loserI don't know why I've wasted my time with youYou're bad news, a history repeaterYou can't trust a serial cheaterYou're good at hooking up but you suck at love
You played me like an amateurThen stabbed me like a murdererI'm left for dead, another one of your victimsIt's not like you're unpredictableBut your act is so believableI know it's nothing personal, it's just business as usualYou're good at what you do
Now I kinda feel bad for youYou're never gonna knowwhat it's like to have someone to turn toAnother day, another bedIt's just a game inside your head
[Chorus x2]
You've messed this whole thing upWell you were such an awesome fuckBut you suck at love, you suck at love