No Love

Staring out at the world across the street.You hate the way your life turned out to be.He's pulling up the driveway and you don't make a sound.Cause you always learned to hold the things you want to say.You're always gonna be afraid.There's only hate.There's only tears.There's only pain.There is no love here.So what will you do?There's only lies.There's only fear.There's only pain.There is no love here.Broken down like a mirror smashed to pieces.You learned the hard way to shut your mouth and smile.If these walls could talk, they would have so much to say.Cause everytime you fight, the scars are gonna heal.But they're never gonna go away.You're falling.You're screaming.You're stuck in the same old nightmare.He's lying.You're crying.There's nothing left to salvage.Kick the door cause this is over.Get me out of here!