I Want To Be Your Friend

Shiny chum, don't be shyDon't be mum, just say "hi!"And we can play togetherI want to be your friend.Let's play ball, let's fly kitesBest of all, let's be knights!We'll be so brave together,I want to be your friend.
We can ride upon our horsies where adventure can be foundSave a dragon from a princess--or the other way around?We will challenge every villain, in the east and in the west,And we'll find a baby birdie and return it to its nest.
Through enchanted forests we'll go strolling,And on Saturdays, we could go bowling!
Shiny sir, this I feel,I am fur, you are steel,But we belong together, faithful 'til the endOh I want to be, oh I want to be, oh I want to beYour friend.