Can't Let You Go

YeahWhat you doing to me babyYeahhI can't let you go
Even though you keeping me frustratedIt still feels so rightI try so hard not to be jadedEvery time you lieTry so hard toGet you off my mindYou know that I be running back to youMy love is blindI know it aint right
It just ain't rightHe won more timeLike there's too much to leave behindWant to move onBut I can't
Chorus:No I just can't let you goCoz I been loving you too longTake it back to how it was babyYou know I'm goin crazyOh I can't do this no moreCoz I just can't let you goI keep on coming back for moreTold myself now it's overBut I still love yaI can't let you go
I don't think time will ever make itNo matter how hard I tryBut you convince im mistakenWhen you go and do the things youWe used to doThat made me fall for youThen you turn aroundAnd say somethingThat proves me rightBaby this aint right
I know I'm a foolTo think that I need you in my lifeI should know better butWhen im with youI forget about the pastNo, the fights we had don't matterI know im just playin myselfBut I don't care
I don't wanna let you go neitherTo tell ya the truth mami I need yaAnything to please yaBody of a DivaShe hotter than a feverTry to cool it downIce rocks on her fingerWhen I get upset or frustratedShe sing to meGetting paid she aint gottaCook n clean for meTried to leave a couple timesBut she came bakCant let you goIm not ashamed to say that
Chorus x2