Nada Sambung Pribadi
(NSP / i-Ring / RBT)
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Kode NSP / i-Ring / RBT
Telkomsel : 111265
Indosat : 60269499
XL : 10108311
Flexi : 111265
Esia : 111265
3 : 111265


I never felt like this beforeBetween us there is something moreYou gave me love that's trueI know now my heart beats for youI feel you in the windThe rain and the sunAnd all my burdens goneI won't let you goNever let you go
Reff:Fallin.. I'm fallin..I'm fallin for youFallin.. I'm fallin..
~~Check itIt (??) from my heart..yeahI'm break down to the (??) yawhI'm a dessert desperate for the fall of rainI'm a wound try to heal now can you cover this painJust like the prodigal son running back to his fatherLike a child that cry for the love of a motherI'm knocking on your doorI'm calling for your nameJust let me in so I will never be the samePlease take away all this pleasure from my shoulderShow me the way to find the ultimate pleasure