Weakness for Sweetness

(intro)every man's gotta weakness, (owww!) for sweetness, ooo!oooo!o! hook: I gotta weakness for sweetness and everyone knows, I go crazy fuh ladies who dress in tight clothes, just love wen her body is curvy and smooth, I get bad I go mad wen im into the mood (ooo!)
verse 1: pass me the light, (mi haffi get it) like sugar and spice, (mi haffi get it) like fire and ice, (mi haffi get it) I will sacrifice,(oww!) pass mI the band,(mi haffi get it) the house and the land,(mi haffi get it) money in the bank,(mi haffi get it) Iíve gotta get it fast hook
verse 2: pass me the plane,(me haffi get it) my furtun e and fame,(me haffI get it) walkin in the rain,(me haffi get it) still I nuh complain,(oww!) seh me scitzo, me not,(mi haffi get it) gave every to woman, (me haffI get it) my woman,my son, all over the land
hook: sweet fuh the sweet, gettin the heat, I wanna know, gurl is cumin if you wanna flex with me (oow!) jump in my car,(let's get together) unda the stars,(yuh need a rebel) I waana go gurl is cumin i'm gonna take you there
hook: repeat verse 1 & 2