Just For You

I can't stay now and just wait now, my hands then go so impatientmany things I've got to do now for the first rise of the morning.Though she dream and peaceful slamber, sleep to me just doesn't comewhen she wake I'll try tell her everything I have to say.And the night so dark inside me makes me finaly understandwhere the love that she has given me, she can light the sky forever.It's the way she give so freely, it's the way she takes my hands,I just ask the sun shine brightly got to see her smile again.
Then I sing a song I've writen and I'll make the whole world listenin the silence just for you, like no one has ever heard.And I wake up all the lovers and I give them back for hoursand we'll do the things we wanted the way that lovers do.
And we'll run into the street and we'll start to dance like crazycos she want only to feel joy in the love she gives and needs.And we'll take it time to stop quarels and paint the street and building, rainbow color everyonethose she wants, colors to sing, and we'll paint full fill with flowers,make the street alive with spring, make a place where lovers go, to love the way that lovers do.
Then we'll fly into the sky and we'll choose into the starsand our stars return the hole world,the love we have, we are,
the love we share is sweetthe love we know is real, that love is not to dream, but last we know that aloneBecause you love and my begin without dreaming all begin,and the love that you have give return to us to wincos your love for me is not begining and the end your loveand mine is now for me for love, you love for me forever...