Santa Fe
oleh: RENT

ANGELNew York City-MARKUh Huh
ANGELCenter Of The Universe
COLLINSSing It Girl-
ANGELTimes Are ShittyBut I'm Pretty Sure They Can't Get Worse
MARKI Hear You
ANGELIt's A Comfort To KnowWhen You're Singing The Hit The Road BluesThat Anywhere Else You Could Possibly GoAfter New York Would Be A PleasureCruise
COLLINSNow You're Talking
Well, I'm Thwarted By A MetaphysicPuzzleAnd I'm Sick Of Grading Papers-That IKnowAnd I'm Shouting In My Sleep, I Need A MuzzleAll This Misery Pays No Salary, SoLet's Open Up A Restaurant In Santa FeOh Sunny Santa Fe Would Be NiceLet's Open Up A Restaurant In Santa FeAnd Leave This To The Roaches And Mice
ANGELYou Teach?
COLLINS- I Teach Computer Age PhilosophyBut My Students Would Rather Watch TV
COLLINSYou're A Sensitive AestheteBrush The Sauce Onto The MeatYou Could Make The Menu SparkleWith RhymeYou Could Drum A Gentle DrumI Could Seat Gueats As They ComeChatting Not About Heidegger, But Wine!
Let's Open Up A Restaurant In Santa FeOur Labors Would Reap Financial Gains
ALLGains, Gains, Gains
COLLINSWe'll Open Up A Restaurant In Santa FeAnd Save From Devastation Our Brains
HOMELESSSave Our Brains
ALLWe'll Pack Up All Our Junk And FlySo Far AwayDevote Ourselves To Projects That SellWe'll Open Up A Restaurant In Santa FeForget This Cold Bohemian HellOh--Oh--
COLLINSDo You Know The Way To Santa Fe?You Know, Tumbleweeds...Prairie Dogs...Yeah