As I Lay Dying

As I lay dying I saw the eyesThe eyes of God. Thy kingdom comeA force so strong pulled me alongAs I lay dying
As I lay dying I laughed as IHad never laughed beforeAt circumstance and the evened scoreAs I lay dying
As I lay dying I touched the airFelt the chill, the blinding stareOf my mind's eye, began to cryAs I lay dying
As I lay dying I felt so strangeAlthough I bleed, I feel no painAnd just like life it seems insaneBut now I'm dying
Look at your soul in the mirrorEvery choice you've made is etched upon its faceEpitaph carved by your actionsAre we searching for a different state of grace?No one is sure of the answerIs this just a waiting room for something else?How can you measure life?Is it something we must lose to find ourselves?
Will it just go onAfter I am gone?I saw above my heavenAnd beneath as wellThe threat of hellWill my sins be forgiven?