All Of My Life

All of my life, I've been searchingFor the words to say how I feel.I'd spend my time thinking too muchAnd leave too little to say what I meanI've tried to understand the best I canAll of my life.
All of my life, I've been saying sorryFor the things I know I should have doneAll the things I could have said come back to meSometimes I wish that it had just begunSeems I'm always that little too lateAll of my life
Set 'em up, I'll take a drink with youPull up a chair, I think I'll staySet 'em up, cos I'm going nowhereThere's too much I need to remember, too much I need to say
All of my life, I've been looking But it's hard to find the wayReaching past the goal in front of meWhile what's important just slips awayIt doesn't come back but I'll be lookingAll of my life
Set 'em up...
All of my life, there have been regretsThat I didn't do all I couldMaking records upstairs, while he watched TVI didn't spend the time I shouldIt's a memory I will live withAll of my life