A New World

By: Nadya Fatira
These days are gonna be those days
Which Iíll look back with a happy smile
And a twinkle in my eyesAnd life will never be the sameA different life than the one weíve hadFrom our simple, fun, fairytales
Itís strange, itís a new, new worldItís loud, itís a hectic worldAnd I miss my home, I miss myselfAnd I miss youAnd yet, I finally found that loveInside my soulAnd I jump in joy and I sing my heart away
Your face is gonna be that faceThat Iíll look back with a loving smileAnd a warm glow in my heartAnd love will never be the sameA kind of love that I hold so dearYet Iím ready to let it go
Will you remember how we are?Will you stay with me when I tryTo be a better one for you?In this new worldÖ